What is Mobility-Online?

Mobility-Online is your one-stop automotive service provider. Or at least, that's what our "official" title is.  We work with dealers like BMW, MINI and many more to provide our readers and clients with affordable, reliable cars that suit their lifestyles and budgets. We also provide our readers with interesting and entertaining content about events, reviews, and experiences in the auto industry. So if you're looking to buy or sell a car in South Africa, contact us at If you'd simply like to learn more about the automotive world here in SA, you're welcome to pull up a chair. 

Who is this blog for?

Whether you're a self-confessed petrol-head or you barely know how to change a tyre, there will be something on our blog that you'll find interesting. If you're new to the auto world and you'd like to learn more about cars, check out our series called "How a Car Works". If you already know all there is to know and more, go check out our Facebook page and chat to our community.

What do we want from you?

There’s nothing quite as validating as feedback from complete strangers on the internet. That being said, we actually want you to talk to us! Share your two cents on our writing and let us know what you loved or hated about our posts. If you want to know more about '60s muscle cars and you don't see a post dedicated to your favourite Chev Impala, give us a shout and we'll write about it. Or better yet, we'll let you write about it and post it on our blog!  

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