Top Tips to Get The Best Price When Selling Your Vehicle

It is now easier than ever to sell your car, thanks to the internet. You can quickly start advertising your vehicle online in South Africa and hopefully find a buyer all from the comfort of your home. 

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If you want to get the best price when selling your vehicle then there are a few things that you will need to do. Here are our top tips to get the best price when selling your vehicle.


It Needs to Look Good


You need to take some time and properly clean your vehicle before you list your car. It shows the buyer that you have taken care of your vehicle and it’s in good condition. Clean the whole interior and polish the exterior so it gleams. You can steam clean the engine bay as well. Your vehicle will look good, smell fresh and will make the right impression. 


Snazzy Pictures


When it comes to selling your vehicle it’s all about the presentation, so the images need to be good. You need to cover every angle of the vehicle, which includes the front, side, rear and the interior. You can even take pictures of the engine bay. 


Fix the Small Problems


You can advertise your vehicle as an “as is” condition, but it is always best to invest in your vehicle to get it as close to perfect as possible, so you can get the best price for it.


Fix the things you can like small scratches, chips, dents and other such things. Have a look at the tyres and see if they need to be replaced. You will need to check both the interior and exterior as well as the engine. If a service is due on the car then get it done. 


The more you do to make sure your car is close to perfect the better as you will be able to ask for a higher price and the buyer will be impressed as to how well you have taken care of the vehicle. 


Tell the Truth


You need to be upfront and honest about your vehicle. If your car has experienced any previous issues whether it be accidental damage or mechanical then tell prospective buyers. They will appreciate the honesty.


List Your Vehicle Details


It’s all in the details and adding details to your ad will help attract attention. You will need to be as detailed as possible when describing your vehicle and list all the specs and trim even if it is just the basic features. 

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Do Your Research


When it comes to pricing your vehicle then you need to be realistic and do some research to find the market-related value for your car. There are online vehicle listing sites that offer a vehicle valuation and they will give you the most accurate price for your vehicle, which you can use as a guide to setting the price. 


If you decide to sell your vehicle at a dealership then you may get a quick sale, but you will need to be prepared to settle for a lower price. 


Have Your Paperwork


To make sure that your sale is as hassle-free as possible then have all your paperwork ready. You may also need the records to prove any upkeep on the vehicle, repairs and maintenance. 


Also, ensure that the licence and roadworthy certificate are up to date and you have paid any outstanding fines. 


Pick Your Platform


There are numerous ways for you to sell your vehicle nowadays. You can use your car as a trade-in deposit at a dealership, you can sell it privately to a used car dealer that will take your car off your hands like SSM Motors or you can advertise your car online with one of the many selling platforms like Cars2Sell, Premium Mobility, CafeWheels etc. 


No matter how you decide to sell your car, only hand over the keys once the payment is reflecting in your bank account.


Getting the best price for your vehicle does involve some work and you may need to invest a little, but once you have, advertise your car online in South Africa and wait for the offers to pour in. 


Once sold, you can use the proceeds to invest in your next car and get behind the wheel of your next dream vehicle. 


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