The New Funky Way to Buy and Sell Your Car Online in South Africa

There are numerous ways you can buy and sell a used vehicle in South Africa, but there is a new and funky way for you to buy and sell a pre-owned vehicle online in South Africa. 

cafe wheels

Café Wheels is a new and innovative platform that makes it easier than ever for you to buy and sell a pre-owned vehicle online in South Africa. 


Café Wheels - Buying a Car


Café Wheels is a simple, funky and fresh website to launch that offers a unique user experience when buying a car. 


There are two ways you can find the car of your dreams. Click ‘Search Now’ on the home page or navigate to ‘Buy a Car’ from the hamburger menu. Either way once clicked, the latest cars for sale will slide in. 


On the right, you will be able to view all the cars that are listed and, on the left, you will find an easy to use filtering system that will let you filter by make, model, price and KM. 

buy a car


If you are on the move, then you can still browse for that perfect car as Café Wheels is mobile friendly. You can search and buy your next car all from your mobile. 


If you find a vehicle or even two that you are interested in, view ‘More Details’. You will see the complete description of the vehicle and if you want it, fill out your details and the seller will be in contact ASAP. 


You can even choose if you need insurance or finance for the vehicle. 


If you take a good look through the best pre-owned vehicles for sale and you still can’t find what you are looking, then head to the ‘Wishlist’ on the main menu. Here you can let Café Wheels know the vehicle you are looking for and as soon as they find a vehicle that meets your description and requirements, they will notify you, which gives you first pick.


Café Wheels – Selling a Car


If you are in the market to sell your car, then use Café Wheels to advertise your vehicle. You will get great exposure for your vehicle and the interface is simple, crisp and clean, making it so much easier for you to get your vehicle sold.


On the main menu, navigate to ‘Sell Your Car'. A simple form will slide in from the left. Here you just fill in the details for your vehicle and upload some images.

When filling in the details for your vehicle try and be as thorough as possible and list all the vehicle specs even if they are just the basic ones. 


When taking photos of your car, make sure your car is clean, as first impressions count. Take photos of all angles as well as the interior so potential buyers can see every aspect of your vehicle. It will give you a higher chance of getting your vehicle sold. 


Once you are happy with the details you have provided, accept the T&Cs and click submit. Your vehicle will be advertised immediately. 

sell your car


If you are not sure what to ask for your vehicle then Café Wheels can help with their book value form. On the ‘Sell Your Car’ page, you will see a button that says ‘Get Book Value’. Click this, fill in the details and you will receive the most accurate book value for your car. This will help you to list your vehicle at a competitive price and those offers will start pouring in. 


The interface on mobile works the same, so even if you are on the go, you can list your vehicle for sale or get the book value.


Café Wheels is a unique experience with a fresh interface that you will want to use. They offer the best in pre-owned cars and selling your car is straightforward. 


Your dream car could just be a click away. 


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