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The moment you drive off the floor in your brand-new car, it starts to lose value, so why should your car insurance stay the same or increase when the value of your car is decreasing? King Price offers a unique car insurance offering that decreases monthly in line with your depreciating vehicle. 


They offer a few car insurance products so you can choose one that offers what you need at a price that suits your wallet.


King Price Car Insurance


There are 5 main car insurance products to choose from. 


1.     Comprehensive – This is your full car insurance cover that offers protection against theft, hijacking and accidental damage plus it covers for those minor accidents that you may cause to other cars and property.

2.     Chilli – This is an exciting offering from King Price. It is comprehensive car insurance, but it is cheaper. With this cover, the less you drive then the less you pay. You only pay for every KM, but you have protection against theft, accidents and liabilities to third parties. 

3.     Theft and Write Off – This cover option covers you for the total loss of your car, for instance, if it is written off or if it is not recovered due to theft or hijacking. 

4.     Third Party, Fire and Theft – You will be covered in the event of theft or hijacking and it will also cover you for liability to others and their property due to an accident. 

5.     Third Party Only – This cover will only offer protection for accidental injury to other people and damage to their property.


Optional Extra Cover


King Price also offers optional extra cover that comes at a small additional premium, but you will get peace of mind. Let’s take a look.


·      Car Hire – When your wheels are being repaired by one of King Price’s suppliers after a claim, this add-on will make sure you have rental wheels for 30 days.

·      Car Warranty – Make sure your car stays on the road with this add-on that ensures car parts that break are repaired or replaced without leaving a dent in your wallet.

·      Credit Shortfall – Cover the difference between your car’s worth and what you owe when your car has been stolen or written off.

·      Sound and Accessories – This will cover you for any extras on your vehicle that you may have added like mags, sound system etc.

·      Personal Accident – If an accident affects your health permanently then King Price has you covered. 

·      Tyre and Rim – Your tyres and rims are covered whether you hit a pothole or drive over something sharp. 


The Benefits of Going with the King

On top of this King Price offers additional benefits.


1.     Emergency Assist – King Price has you covered 24/7 all year round, whether your emergency is medical, technical or domestic. King Price has your back.

2.     Decreasing Premiums – As your car depreciates, so do your premiums when you are on a comprehensive plan. Why pay more, when you could pay less?

3.     Quick and Easy Claims – The King is there for you. If you are involved in an accident then call the emergency assist line ASAP if you can. The King will organise a car tow, emergency medical help and tell you what you need to do. 

4.     The King’s Cab – Enjoyed one too many? King Price will get you and your vehicle home safely when you have comprehensive car cover. There is a small extra cost, but it does give you and your family peace of mind. 

The Multiple Car Discount


Do you have more than one car? Save on car insurance with King Price. The more cars that you cover with comprehensive cover, the more you will save. You can save up to 20% on your cars, giving you the cover you need at an affordable price.


King Price in a Nutshell


King Price offers an all-round car insurance offering with cover that suits your needs and your wallet. 


With King Price car insurance, your premiums decrease monthly as your vehicle depreciates. You can also choose the excess that suits you and when insuring multiple cars, you can receive a discount of up to 20%.


With King Price car insurance, you will receive super cheap premiums from the get-go, so you will already be saving and couple that with a monthly decrease, you will have more cash in your wallet to spend on the things that you want. 


The optional add-on benefits come with a small premium, but they can give you peace of mind and that little extra that you may just need. 


Stop paying more for your car insurance and start paying less with King Price car insurance. 


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