Your Ticket to Luxury

Are you in the market to buy a new vehicle? But, you don’t want just any new set of wheels, you want a luxury car that looks amazing and drives smoothly. Premium Mobility can help you to find your next luxury pre-owned vehicle selling from R500 000. 

premium mobility

Premium Mobility specialises in luxury vehicles and brands, putting you behind the wheel of only the best at an affordable price.  

Premium Mobility is different from other car selling sites as they ensure that all vehicles that are sold through their site meet the highest standards in place. All vehicles go through quality inspections, come with a warranty and checked to make sure they have never been damaged in an accident. You will also receive a full and verifiable service history. 


You can buy that luxury pre-owned vehicle safely and with the information you need, so you know that you are getting the best for your money. 


All vehicles advertised on the Premium Mobility site are first-class vehicles that are approved and backed by genuine manufacturer warranties. Dealers are hand-picked and pre-approved and Premium Mobility ensures that all requirements, standards and laws are adhered to, giving you peace of mind and complete satisfaction when it comes to your purchase. 


So, what can you find on Premium Mobility?


Indulge with Pre-Approved Luxury Cars


Buying your next luxury vehicle is simple and hassle-free with Premium Mobility. You can browse premium listings from reputable sellers quickly and easily. 


Use the handy filter to find the brand and model of the car you have always wanted. Find the best luxury vehicles from Ford, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and more. As said Premium Mobility lists cars from R500 000 and specialises in the luxury makes and models. 

buy a luxury car

If you find the car that you have always wanted then click ‘More Details’ and you will be able to view the specs of the vehicle and if you are interested then fill out the form and a salesy will be in touch with you ASAP, which puts you one step closer to making your fantasy a reality. 




If you can’t find your dream car then don’t worry. Premium Mobility offers a ‘Wishlist’. All you need to do is fill in the form with your dream car and they will help you to find the vehicle you really want. As soon as they find the car that matches your requirements, you will be notified. 


When filling out the Wishlist form, try and be as accurate as possible so there is a better chance of Premium Mobility finding the car of your dreams. 


Sell Your Luxury Automobile


If you have a luxury car to sell, then you can list it on the Premium Mobility site and get the best price possible for your vehicle. 


Listing your vehicle is simple. Fill out the relevant form with your vehicle details and be as accurate as possible, add some stylish images and list. Your luxury vehicle will be added immediately and will receive maximum exposure.

sell your car

If you are not sure what your car is worth, then Premium Mobility offers a ‘Vehicle Valuation’ form where you can find out the current value of your vehicle. 


Once, you fill out the form, you will receive the most accurate book value so that you can list your luxury pre-owned vehicle at a fair price, which will attract the buyers you want.  


Dealers Take Advantage


As a dealership, you can take advantage of the reach that Premium Mobility offers. Navigate to ‘Dealer Sign-Up’ where you will be redirected to the e-Dealer Portal. Sign up here and advertise your stock on 20+ affiliate sites, which includes Premium Mobility. You can even try the system first as they are offering a 1-month free sign up.


With the e-Dealer Portal, you will also gain access to a custom CX solution, which is a complete customer and lead management system that will give you complete control over your sales funnel with its unique appointment-based lead management system. 


Premium Mobility focuses on luxury pre-owned vehicles where you can buy and sell vehicles safely and securely. 


Why drive average, when you can drive luxury! 


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