Tips to Ensure Professional E-Mail Etiquette

Tips to Ensure Professional E-Mail Etiquette

You, like millions of other professionals around the world, probably use emails to communicate with your partners, peers and clients. This is thanks to the fact that emails are easy, accessible and fast – anyone can do it. That said, just because it’s so commonplace, doesn’t mean that your emails don’t need to be professional.  This post shows you how to keep your emails cordial, professional and interesting.

Why Email Etiquette Matters

Proper email etiquette is what makes all the difference between a quick, casual email to a friend, and a professional or corporate email. By following this etiquette, you’ll be showing that your brand is respectful and professional.

How to Build a Relationship with Proper Email Etiquette

  1. -        Use great grammar and spelling
  2. -        Be punctual and reply promptly
  3. -        Keep your message short and concise
  4. -        Send emails at reasonable hours
  5. -        Use clear and readable formatting
  6. -        Follow up when possible
  7. -        Don’t overwhelm your audience with too many emails
  8. -        Do not use vulgar or crude language or imagery
  9. -        Be respectful and polite at all times

The Law and Your Email Marketing

Understanding the laws around email marketing is very important for business owners and those who communicate with clients via email. Your business needs to comply with the rules, codes and standards of email law in South Africa. It is important to never allow your emails to become compromised or to share personal information about your clients with external parties. The ECT Act in South Africa applies to your email marketing and should be adhered to. If you do not adhere to the rules and regulations about email marketing, you could be placing your brand in jeopardy.


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