The Mobility-Online KPI Dashboard

The Mobility-Online KPI Dashboard

The Mobility Team provides your business with a KPI Dashboard that helps you optimise your business on a daily basis. One of the key focuses of our KPI Dashboard is to show you how much you are spending per vehicle on a daily basis before there is an active buyer.

Why You Should Use It

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard helps you focus on making money and not on the units you’ve sold. Used vehicles should be sold within 120 days. If you don’t manage this properly, you lose profit opportunities and it can cost you money where you should be making money. You can establish the exact impact of this lost opportunity by dividing the actual number of days a vehicle has been in stock by your stock turn and then multiply this by your average profit.

Our KPI Dashboard includes 5 different calculators. These are:

1.      Dealer
Use this as a tool to determine your actual profit from each individual sale. Remember that the higher the net profit % sales, the better your business is at actually converting daily sales into profit.

2.      New Vehicle
This can be an important KPI because there are manufacturers that spend an enormous amount of money per year building their brand through marketing and advertising. If you have a new vehicle department, the execution of your advertising and marketing plans should be carefully managed and implemented by calculating the advertising cost of new vehicles.

3.      Used Vehicle
Calculate the average gross profit per unit retailed. Used vehicles can cost a business an immense amount of heartache and money, so make sure you understand the process.

4.      Service Calculator
This calculates the number of retail hours sold per retails job by dividing the total retail hours sold by the number of job cards in the retail sector

5.      Parts Calculator
This is the invoice value of the parts sold minus the cost of sales to purchase the parts. Generally, this is expressed as a monetary value or as a percentage.

We hope that you feel more informed about our KPI dashboard after this article. We encourage you to make use of it to streamline and simplify the way you manage your business and brand. If you have any questions about our KPI dashboard, please reach out to us and we’ll have one of our sales representatives contact you as soon as possible.


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