Desiré Wilson: SA’s Female Formula One Driver

Desiré Wilson: SA’s Female Formula One Driver

Taking part in the tour de force that is Formula One is something that millions of men and women around the world dream of, but very few achieve, and even fewer win. Desiré Randall Wilson is one of those very few people. One of only 5 women to race in Formula One, Wilson is a former racing driver from Brakpan, South Africa.

In 1980, Wilson started racing Formula Pacific in New Zealand without a sponsor. With a non-works RAM Racing-prepared Williams FW07, she entered a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix, but ultimately failed to qualify.

Despite the backlash that she received from fellow racers, she pushed forward and eventually made history as the only woman to ever win a Formula One race. Despite being an underdog for the majority of her career in racing, Wilson carved out a hard-earned space in the racing world thanks to her skills, talent and determination.

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During this year, she also won at Brands Hatch in the British Aurora F1 Championship Wilson and is the only woman to win a Formula One race.  Thanks to her incredible achievement, there is a  grandstand at Brands Hatch named in her honour.

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