6 Most Popular Cars in South Africa

6 Most Popular Cars in South Africa

We looked at the number of new cars sold in South Africa this year and this is what we found:
1.       Volkswagen Polo Vivo
With a staggering 2811 models sold in January alone, the Polo Vivo has come out on top once again. Thanks to its signature style and consistent quality, it’s definitely the most popular car in South Africa. The Polo Vivo 55kW Trendline Manual is priced at R198,200, while the Polo Vivo 63kW Comfortline Manual is R209,900.

2.       Toyota Hilux
You’d be hard-pressed to find a 4x4 trail without at least one Hilux. The Toyota Hilux has carved out such a strong name for itself, that many people actually call it “unbreakable”. It’s a close contender to the Polo Vivo with 2681 models sold.  The average price of the  2019 Toyota Hilux is set at R 425,881.

3.       Volkswagen Polo
Volkswagen is such a loved brand name in SA that they’re first and third place on this list. While not as popular as the Vivo derivative, the Polo has sold 1761 units and is still thriving.

4.       Ford Ranger
This capable off-roader is loved by thousands thanks to its power and rugged body. The number of Rangers sold in January is 1735, but we know that they’re popularity will only increase in the coming year. Pricing for the Single Cab variants starts from R287,100 and ranges to R460,100

5.       Ford EcoSport
       The Ford EcoSport is a great all-rounder, which makes its place on this list no surprise. With          1132 units sold, this practical and versatile SUV is valued at R289,800.

6.       Renault Kwid
The small but capable Renault Kwid  has sold 1010 units in 2020. It’s a popular choice for young professionals and students thanks to its small size, fuel efficiency and fun handling. The prices for the Renault Kwid are outlined below:
Renault Kwid 1.0 Climber: R164,900
Renault Kwid 1.0 Climber Auto: R174,900
Renault Kwid 1.0 Expression Auto:  R154,900

What’s your favourite car? Did it make our list of most popular cars in South Africa? Let us know in the comments below and tell us which of these cars we should review in-depth next week!


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