How to Survive a Road trip

How to Survive a Road trip

Few things beat the feeling of not being able to sleep because you’re too excited. Having the wind in your hair and the endless road rolling away underneath your tyres are enough to make you consider packing it up and doing this for a living. But after yet another costly stop to refuel and shaking the snack crumbs for your lap, a perpetual road trip loses some of its lustre.  Here are some tips on how to keep the excitement and comfort up to par all trip long.

Make sure your car is well-maintained.

Driving for hours in a beat-up VW kombi with your friends seems like an indie dream come true, but that dream can turn into a nightmare when you’re stuck at the side of a deserted high-way. Keeping your vehicle well-maintained is essential for not only road trips, but everyday travelling. Accidents happen unexpectedly all the time, and adding a damaged car into the equation is nothing short of a train(car) smash.
You don't need a professional mechanic to check your tyres. Go to any petrol station and ask an attendant to check your oil, water, and tyre pressure before you hit the road. This could definitely save you some trouble later on. 

Know how to solve basic problems.

Chances are high that you’re not a qualified mechanic. If you are, skip ahead! Just because you might not be able to repair a rear differential leak doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to recognize common and basic problems and solve them (even if it’s just for the time it takes to get to the nearest auto shop). Changing a tyre and checking your oil are some of the things every car owner/driver needs to know how to do. It will not only save you money in the long run, but it might just save your road trip’s life. For more info on how to repair basic vehicle troubles, check out our blog.

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Drive defensively all year round.

You might have seen our article on how to drive safely during the festive/rainy season. For those of you that haven’t, allow me to sum it up in one straight-forward sentence: be careful no matter what. This involves everything from remaining calm if your car hydroplanes to swallowing that road rage in lieu of following that guy home to give him a piece of your mind. Weather conditions, reckless/drunk drivers, and speeding are only a few of the dangers of travelling the open road.


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