Why You Should Stick to One Social Media Platform: And Two Other Sneaky Marketing Tips

The idea of being connected has taken over the working world as we know it. In the endless race to stay relevant, people are even willing to list their personal and home numbers just to make sure that they won’t miss out on a chance to keep or gain a client. Many businesses have an account or profile on at least 4 different platforms (the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) to make sure that they’re always in the public eye. Companies like Coca-Cola have millions of followers across each of their profiles, why can’t you?

There are a few different reasons. Firstly, these marketing giants have thousands of employees all across the world working to make sure they stay relevant. Each social media platform might even have its own qualified team that ensures engagement. Secondly, they have the money to afford no-holds-barred advertising campaigns and sponsored ads. Thirdly, if we stick to Coca-Cola as the example, this company has been an established brand for more than a hundred years – of course it’s going to be well known.

How are you meant to create an online presence when you’re a small and/or new business? Take a look at the tips listed below and see if you might be able to apply them to your own marketing strategies. You might just make a breakthrough!

Get to Know Your Audience

We’ve mentioned this more than once in several of our articles – not because we enjoy writing about it, but because its so incredibly important. If you know your audience, you know how they access information. That means that you can choose one social media platform that you know they use often and that they respond to. This leads us to our next point.

Choose One Platform and Use It Well

If you have 4 people that you could task with managing your social media accounts full-time, then you’re more than welcome to use more than one social media platform. But if you’re a small business and managing your social media on the side, then you should focus on keeping your content as personal, unique and engaging as possible. Focusing all your efforts on one social media platform is one way to do this. Some of the skills you need to have regarding your chosen platform are:
  •        Understanding how to access and interpret your page analytics.
  •        Knowing how to boost or sponsor specific ads or posts for more leads.
  •     Keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms to keep your content relevant.

Branch Out at The Right Time

Don’t be too eager to add more work to your plate if you don’t have the resources or hands to manage it. Once your following on your chosen platform has grown to the point where people are mentioning you on other platforms, you can start branching out and exploring other avenues of digital marketing.


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