You Hear That? – Car Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

For many auto fans, sound (and the lack thereof) plays a massive role in their driving experience – whether it’s the roar of a V6, the eerie silence of an electric car, or an impeccable stereo system. There are, however, some sounds that you definitely don’t want to hear while you’re driving. Aside from that invincible rattle that drives you crazy, most sounds in your car might be fairly harmless and/or inexpensive to repair. Others are not. Here is how to tell the difference.  

Knocking or Thumping While the Car Is Moving

Whether you hear any of these sounds while accelerating, turning or simply driving at one speed, make sure to have it checked as soon as possible. This could be anything from a broken tyre, braking faults or a bad CV axle. Another thing to look out for is a knocking sound when the engine heats up or thumping noises that go away almost instantly.

If the knocking noise happens on acceleration, it could also be a damaged fan belt or engine damage.

Sizzling or Hissing from The Engine Area

In addition to these sounds, you might see smoke or steam coming from your engine compartment. This is most likely due to leaking fluids, which are extremely dangerous and could start a fire. Needless to say, this is not a sound that you should ever ignore. 

We recommend getting to a mechanic as soon as possible. Better yet, have them make a house call.

Rattles from Underneath the Car or Engine Compartment

These sounds could mean anything from loose suspension to faulty engine components. You could need repairs to your alternator, tensioners, power steering or a/c compressor. 

This could end up being fairly expensive, so the sooner you get to a qualified mechanic, the better it is for your safety and finances.

Scraping, Squealing, or Grinding

This could mean a few things, but the common culprit is usually brake issues. The severity of this issue could vary, but the best advice is to have it checked out as soon as possible. It could be incredibly dangerous, or it could simply save you a bit of money by catching the problem early.

Although most of these explanations are just educated guesses, it is still important to note that if your car suddenly starts making a new noise that you don’t recognise, it’s best to get expert advice. Even if it ends up being something minor, you’ll be saving yourself sleepless nights. In the worst-case scenario, it could very well be something serious that need immediate attention and could save your life. 

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