5 Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in South Africa

5 Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in South Africa

Buying a sportscar doesn’t have to set you back millions. If you’d like to drive a sportscar of your own without breaking the bank and still own a high-quality, reliable vehicle, read on. We’ve compiled 5 of the most affordable, reliable and readily available sportscars in South Africa. We discuss the price, performance, mileage, and much more in this article.

Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost

A used 2015 2.3T Ecoboost can go from anything between R450 000 and R600 000. In comparison, the brand new 5.0l GT is available from R850 000 for the base model. This means two things. Firstly, Mustangs retain their value, and secondly, brand new models aren’t impossible to own.

In this case though, the 2.3l is slightly more fuel efficient for a daily driver. Although the Ecoboost doesn’t have the signature V8 roar, it’s still an incredibly fun and exhilarating drive.

The interior is sleek and luxurious, and the 2.3 model comes with all the bells and whistles that the V8 sports. The touch-screen infotainment system has a rear-view camera and user-friendly interface. The keyless ignition that comes standard in most of the newer models is also incredibly convenient and adds to its sporty feel. The back seat isn’t the most spacious for tall people, but it's perfectly fine for those of average height that go along for a short ride.

Engine: 2.3 litre turbo
Maximum Power: 233 – 306 kW (430 Nm)
Mileage: 8.5l/100km

Mazda MX-5 2.0 RF

When you think of the MX-5, it might remind you of the timeless 1990 model. The 2018 model has put a new spin on the sporty little classic and it has taken a turn for the great. The best way to experience this car is to test drive it for yourself. Drive the sporty RWD two-seater and feel the power of the 2.0l engine (or the equally impressive 1.5l if you're so inclined). The Mazda MX-5 is by no means a family or roadtrip car, although if you're considering a two-seater, we'll assume you already know that. This car is perfect as daily driver for two, or a weekend cruiser. 

Engine: 2.0 turbo
Maximum Power: 118 kW (200 Nm)
Mileage: 6.7l/100km

Nissan 370Z

The 370Z is an acquired taste. This car gives you the feel of an old-school muscle-car, while still having access to modern technology. It might not be the most practical daily driver due to how pricey it is to run, but this rear-drive, naturally aspirated coupe is still incredible. We're happy to have the 370Z and the Mustang in the same category. 

Engine: 3.7 litre
Maximum Power: 245 kW (363 Nm)
Mileage: 10.4l/100km

Toyota GT86

The first word you probably think of when you hear the name Toyota is “reliability”. South Africans in particular have an affinity towards this powerhouse of a brand thanks to the popularity of their bakkies and compact cars. What does this say about their sportscars, though? The GT86 is not a sports car to be sneezed at. They’re fast, powerful and affordable. They also offer better mileage than most sportscars in its segment. The GT86 is extremely similar to the Subaru BRZ, with no turbocharger, little chassis tech and small tyres. We'd definitely recommend the manual transmission. 

Engine: 2.0 
Maximum Power: 147 kW (205 Nm)
Mileage: 7.8l/100km

Audi TT coupe 1.8TFSI

There’s a reason why the TT is so wildly popular – it’s an incredible car. They might be small (and they’re definitely not a family car) but they are fast, smooth and surprisingly fuel efficient. The Audi TT is a safe, almost sensible coupe that offers amazing performance for its price. It's fuel consumption might be the biggest selling point from a practical point of view, but the extra features like the driver navigation panel and the unique air vent controls do make this car that much more fun to drive. 

Engine: 1.8 turbo
Maximum Power: 132 kW (250 Nm)
Mileage: 5.7l/100km


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