The Importance of Brand Association

The Importance of Brand Association
When you hear that all too familiar ringtone, you already know it’s an iPhone without having to look. When you think of a refreshing, summer’s day drink, you’ll most probably imagine an ice-cold Coke. We make these associations without really giving it a second thought, but why? Why is it that some brands seem so timeless and powerful while others barely make an impact?
While advertising plays an immense role in brand associations, it definitely isn’t the only game-changer. Brands become powerful because of several reasons. Product quality, customer service, and word of mouth are just some of the examples of how brands set themselves apart from their competition. Becoming the leading brand for a specific product shapes how new and up-and-coming brands will model and brand their own businesses. That’s why brand association is more than just asking for a Coke instead of a soda. It’s setting the trend for other brands to follow and thereby shaping the future of your industry.
While there are no set rules when it comes to making your business a success in terms of branding, there are some tips to learn from and apply.
  1. Be consistent.
Changing your brand before it’s been established might not seem too extreme. After all, if you’re finding your feet it might actually be beneficial. That said, don’t change your logo or brand identity after you’ve acquired a solid customer base. The confusion of a drastic change has led to the downfall of many a business and might give the impression that your services or products aren’t consistent either.
  1. Know Your Audience.
Regardless of which service or product you provide, knowing your audience is imperative. This not only influences marketing strategies and campaigns, but also what your customers will associate your brand with. Know your audience so that you can advertise effectively, create impactful marketing, and plan strategically. 
  1. Research Your Competition.
Knowing who you’re up against is much more valuable than you might realise. Knowing where your competition has failed gives you an opportunity to learn from and avoid their mistakes. The same goes for their successes. Having something to compare your business to gives you the chance to make sure that all of your business’ aspects are up to par with what is already being offered in the industry. You need to know your opponents inside and out to be able to match and perhaps one day overtake them.


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