How Does Email Marketing Influence Your Business?

How Does Email Marketing Influence Your Business?
Like we’ve mentioned in this article [link to article “The Importance of Advertising”], advertising is becoming more important than ever before. We also know that there are countless ways to market and advertise your business. One of the most popular, albeit ‘old-school’, ways is email marketing. This involves contacting your existing and prospective clients via email to advertise your products and services. Here’s why email marketing has withstood the test of time.
Almost everyone has an email address, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Email addresses are a requirement for social media, so it goes without saying that those you can reach through social media marketing, you can also reach via email. Another facet of this is that emails are available on mobile devices which allow you to reach your clients no matter where they are.
Unlike social media posts, emails can be personalised. Depending on your marketing goal, you can personalise your emails for groups or individual clients. This increases your potential ROI because it creates a measure of expectance from the client’s side to respond to a personalised email.
Unlike with some marketing techniques, the success of your email campaigns can be measured. With certain email marketing software, you can see who opened your email and clicked on the links. This allows you to tailor your approach until you find an effective strategy that suits your goals.
In the light of the countless new social media/marketing platforms, email marketing might seem outdated and inefficient – but it has its valuable benefits that could just be the change you need to kick-start your business’s marketing.


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