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How and Why Fuel Price Increases in 2019 Will Affect South Africans’ Wallets: How to Save

How and Why Fuel Price Increases in 2019 Will Affect South Africans’ Wallets: How to Save
South Africans just don’t seem to be able to catch a break. Everything seems to be getting more expensive – from electricity costs, to fuel taxes, to DSTV. We’ve seen three increases in fuel prices in 2019 alone. Countless people are worried, frustrated and downright angry, and rightfully so. Compared to other countries, South African fuel costs are ridiculously high. Did you know that in Venezuela, a litre of fuel costs less than R1? Granted, Venezuela has its own problems, but this massive difference in price makes us wonder exactly why South Africans are paying so much for fuel and why it just keeps getting more expensive.
South African taxes on fuel increased by 220% since 2008 from R1.76 to R5.63 in 2019. Fuel prices have also increased staggeringly in the past 11 years. August 2008 saw fuel prices sitting at around R8 a litre, whereas April 2019 clocks in at just under R16. Minister of En…

Your Social Media Reputation – More Than Just a Post

Social media has become such a big part of our daily lives that many people check there phones even before they’re fully awake in the mornings. This is part of the reason why businesses have taken to social media platforms to market their products and services. What better way is there than to target an audience that is constantly open to information? Convenient and effective as it is, managing your social media reputation is no easy task. Great content takes time. Like the title says, managing a social media account is more than just occasionally posting random content. Posting high-quality, engaging content at the right times is not as simple as it might seem. Followers know when content has been watered down or reposted and they don’t appreciate it. That’s why it’s imperative to keep the quality of your posts consistent, which takes time and effort. Replying to feedback is extremely important. Liking someone’s comment on your content is not enough. Followers expect equal engagement …

High-end, Pre-owned Luxury Cars Offer Class and Value for South Africans

South Africans like their luxury vehicles. You know it. We know it.
For high-net-worth individuals, the reality of owning a fleet of high-end cars and SUVs isn’t some daydream. However, it’s also a real possibility for savvy shoppers who keep their eyes out for the best deals on the continent. According to the South African Wealth Report by New World Wealth, a global market research group, the nation’s wealthy most often splurge on top-end vehicles from brands like: Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Mclaren. Purchasing such high-end vehicles is about more than four wheels and a machine designed to perfection, it’s about joining a society, about joining a club, about joining a select group of individuals in S.A.—in the world. It should be no surprise that luxury SUVs, such as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Range Rover 5.0L V8, are among the most popular purchases in S.A. Their high-road clearance, safety, and usefulness when the roads get bad or…

Know Your Rights When Buying A Car

The used motor industry was once known for its loops and holes, and how dealerships were able to protect themselves rather than the buyer. Since the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act back in 2008, things have changed for the better. Buyers are now able to get a clear view of what they’re buying, if the price is reasonable and what they can expect from the dealership afterwards is stipulated. There are eight points outlined by the Act relating to the rights you have as a buyer when buying a used car: Disclosure It is the dealer’s responsibility to disclose any known faults in the vehicle. He should also list what he has done to the vehicle in terms of reconditioning. The dealer has to inform you, based on his his experience and knowledge, to make a judgement call on the condition of the car. While it’s not expected that a dealer should know everything about every single car, it is important to know that in cases of arbitration the Ombudsman will usually revert back to the i…

What Should You Do When Your Car Breaks Down?

Your car is suddenly not able to drive anymore and is slowing down. You’re on the highway with cars driving past you at very high speeds. What do you do? First of all, try to get yourself out of harm’s way. If you notice any trouble, steer your car towards the far-left hand side of the highway. If there’s enough space next to the yellow line, try to bring your car to a standstill in that area.Make sure you’re visible to other cars by switching your hazards on. If it’s dark, switch on your car’s interior light as well.If it’s safe to get out of your car, place your red reflecting triangle about 200 metres from your car so that you can be visible for oncoming traffic.Look around you to see if there are any visible landmarks or signs that could make it easier for your insurance company to locate you if you are unsure of your whereabouts.Call your insurance company to let them know what has happened, where you are located and what the situation is like. If you are in danger or hurt, let t…

How To Choose A Reputable Service Provider When Your Car Has To Be Serviced

Servicing your car at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals isn’t only important, it’s vital to keep your car going for longer without costing you more. We all know that car services and parts are often a costly affair and that there are numerous stories of people who have fallen victim to dishonest technicians or workshops. Here are some tips to assist you when choosing a reputable service provider so that you get the best out of your car service: Do your research – when looking for a workshop, ask around and do a search on the internet. You are sure to get opinions from different people that will help you in your decision-making process. There are reputable bodies or associations that workshops can become members of. This ensures that their work is up to a certain level.More than one quote – once you have decided on a few workshops, get quotes from them. While these quotes might not always be true to the final amount payable, you should get a good idea of how much it’s going to cos…

How Does Email Marketing Influence Your Business?

How Does Email Marketing Influence Your Business? Like we’ve mentioned in this article [link to article “The Importance of Advertising”], advertising is becoming more important than ever before. We also know that there are countless ways to market and advertise your business. One of the most popular, albeit ‘old-school’, ways is email marketing. This involves contacting your existing and prospective clients via email to advertise your products and services. Here’s why email marketing has withstood the test of time. Accessibility Almost everyone has an email address, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Email addresses are a requirement for social media, so it goes without saying that those you can reach through social media marketing, you can also reach via email. Another facet of this is that emails are available on mobile devices which allow you to reach your clients no matter where they are. Personalisation Unlike social media posts, emails can be personalised. Depending on yo…

The Importance of Brand Association

The Importance of Brand Association When you hear that all too familiar ringtone, you already know it’s an iPhone without having to look. When you think of a refreshing, summer’s day drink, you’ll most probably imagine an ice-cold Coke. We make these associations without really giving it a second thought, but why? Why is it that some brands seem so timeless and powerful while others barely make an impact? While advertising plays an immense role in brand associations, it definitely isn’t the only game-changer. Brands become powerful because of several reasons. Product quality, customer service, and word of mouth are just some of the examples of how brands set themselves apart from their competition. Becoming the leading brand for a specific product shapes how new and up-and-coming brands will model and brand their own businesses. That’s why brand association is more than just asking for a Coke instead of a soda. It’s setting the trend for other brands to follow and thereby shaping the fu…

Young VS Old: Which age group has the worst drivers?

What do you think is worse: being stuck behind a learner driver who keeps stalling, or a senior citizen driving an exhilarating 20km/h? Would you prefer sharing the road with the middle-aged minivan driver instead? Whatever your answer may be, we’d like to encourage you to read the following article about the relationship between driver age and driving ability. It might just change the way you look at the road from here on out. We’ll also be giving some tips to drivers (young and old) to make sure you can stay safe on the road no matter what.
Studies have shown that younger drivers tend to be more dangerous on the roads due to uncertainty and lack of experience. They might have been able to pass their drivers licence tests with flying colours, but if they’re not yet used to driving in certain conditions, they could panic and make rash decisions. Another strange trend among younger drivers is over confidence. Some young drivers who might have mastered the art of driving at a younger a…