What to do when you’re in an accident

What to do when you’re in an accident
It’s a known fact that when in shock, people don’t necessarily act in a natural way. It’s totally understandable because factors like adrenalin, fear and pain can cause even the most stable person to act uncharacteristically. That’s why it’s crucial to know what to remember in an accident so that you are prepared, if the situation arises.
Here are some tips on what to do when you’re in an accident:
Make sure you, and the other people involved in the accident, are safe. Phone the police and an ambulance if someone might seem to have serious injuries. Do not move someone if they are incapable of moving themselves, while you might mean well it could cause further injuries. Rather wait for the paramedics to assist.
If your car is obstructing traffic and still able to be driven, it should be moved out of the way. If you’re unable to move the car yourself, ask a responsible person to do so. If it’s impossible to move the cars, turn the hazards on. For insurance purposes, take photos of the scene before the cars are moved – if possible.
This is where you make sure you have all the necessary details of the other person involved in the accident. The more information you can get, the better. This is a very important part of what to remember in an accident. Take photos of everything as back up – yours as well as the other car’s licence disk, drivers licences, Identity Documents, insurance contact numbers, the accident scene, the surrounding areas, the cars indicting its position, and the damage to the cars or any property.
Tow truck
While tow truck drivers offer a valuable service and one that’s necessary, you often hear stories of people who were forced to sign agreements that they weren’t comfortable with purely because of the pressure put on them. Always check documentation carefully before signing. It is your right to choose the tow truck driver so make sure you choose one that is accredited with SATRA (South African Towing and Recovery Association) or UTASA (United Towing Association of South Africa). Make sure you have a final amount of how much its going to cost before you agree to anything and remove your valuables.
If a witness approaches you, make sure you get their details and their permission to include their name and contact number in your police and insurance documents.
Print a list of items you will need to get or actions you need to take and keep it safe in your car’s cubbyhole. This will make it easier to remember what should happen when you’re involved in an accident.
Car accidents are unfortunate and often very traumatic, that’s why it’s important to know that you have the best assistance when you’re involved in an accident. For the ultimate peace of mind when you need it most, contact Mobility-Online to make use of their approved service providers at affordable rates.


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