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Our Top 3 Pre-Owned Dealerships in Pretoria

If you are looking for a vehicle then going pre-owned is a great idea. With pre-owned, you can make your budget stretch further as you can get more car for your money. Buying a pre-owned car gives you more choice, more spec options and you can get the brand you want.  When buying a pre-owned car, you want to make sure you are getting the best. Here are our top 3 pre-owned dealerships in Pretoria with trustworthy names.   1.       SSM – Struben Street Motors   Struben Street Motors is a name that you can trust and over the past 35 years, they have grown into one of the most reputable dealerships for pre-owned vehicles in Pretoria.    SSM is a family run business, who put the customer first. They strive for customer satisfaction and from the minute you walk through the doors, you will be treated as one of the family.    Not only do they put the customer first in everything that they do, but they also offer the best in pre-owned cars with a wide selection from top brands. They aim to put

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