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That New (Year) Car Smell: Deep Cleaning and Maintenance Tips After the Holiday

Welcome back, folks! If you've had the time of your life this December, you might have your work cut out for you when it comes to cleaning out your car. This article is here to help you start the year off with a car that’s clean, fresh and well-maintained. Here’s what to do if:

You Went Off-Roading …In Mud Congratulations! Your mud-caked bakkie is a sign that you’ve had the time of your life testing the limits of your trusty steed. It screams, “I don’t shy away from a challenge!” Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of attitude you’ll need to clean your bakkie after a particularly muddy trip. Dried mud is the devil. Its as hard as cement and twice as tough to remove. Caked, dried mud can cause damage to your suspension, brakes, axles and more. It can cause overheating if it covers your radiator and it can even throw a wheel out of balance at high speeds. To avoid most of the trouble, wash the mud off your car as soon as possible before it dries. To do this, you can: Hit the aut…

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