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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car in SA

The Ultimate guide to Buying a Car in SA
Hello there! If you’re considering getting a new car, please take a minute or two to read this article. This guide will hopefully answer any questions you might have about how to buy, finance or insure a car in South Africa. We also list the documents you need to buy a car in South Africa, as well as the sales process of buying new or used vehicles. Please use the index to navigate through the article and find the information that you need. Feel free to check our website for new and used cars to sale from registered and reputable dealerships in SA. Why People Buy Cars Making the decision to buy a new (or new to you) car is about much more than wanting an exciting change. It’s usually because your current car doesn’t fit your changing lifestyle or budget anymore. It could also be that a newer model of your current car is available for a trade-in and you can comfortably afford to upgrade. The worst-case scenario is that your car was stolen or writ…

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