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Overcoming the Impossible: Three Disabled Race Car Drivers to Watch

Overcoming the Impossible: Three Disabled Race Car Drivers to Watch
Becoming an accomplished race car driver requires levels of skill, determination and commitment that few people have. For differently-abled drivers, starting and maintaining a successful racing career is even harder. Here are three incredible race car drivers that, despite the challenges they faced, are taking the racing world by storm.

Nicolas Hamilton About Him
The 27-year-old British driver made his debut in the Renault Clio Cup with Total Control Racing. Nicolas is the younger half-brother of renowned Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Nicolas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months due to premature birth, and his parents were told that he would never walk and that his eyesight would deteriorate later in life. Despite this bleak prediction early in his life, Nicolas overcame every challenge he encountered. At 17 years old, he could walk unaided and no longer needed his wheelchair. He even followed h…

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